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检查新增主机符合 主机配置要求

Code Block
[root@vertica1 ~]# cd /opt/vertica/sbin/
[root@vertica1 sbin]#  ./install_vertica --add-hosts
Vertica Analytic Database 10.0.0-0 Installation Tool

>> Validating options...

Mapping hostnames in --add-hosts (-A) to addresses...

>> Starting installation tasks.
>> Getting system information for cluster (this may take a while)...

Enter password for root@ (3 attempts left):
Default shell on nodes: /bin/bash /bin/bash /bin/bash

>> Validating software versions (rpm or deb)...

>> Beginning new cluster creation...

successfully backed up admintools.conf on
successfully backed up admintools.conf on
successfully backed up admintools.conf on

>> Creating or validating DB Admin user/group...

Successful on hosts (3):
    Provided DB Admin account details: user = dbadmin, group = verticadba, home = /home/dbadmin
    Creating group... Group already exists
    Validating group... Okay
    Creating user... User already exists
    Validating user... Okay

>> Validating node and cluster prerequisites...

System prerequisites passed.  Threshold = WARN

>> Establishing DB Admin SSH connectivity...

Installing/Repairing SSH keys for dbadmin

>> Setting up each node and modifying cluster...

Creating Vertica Data Directory...

Updating agent...
Creating node node0002 definition for host
... Done

>> Sending new cluster configuration to all nodes...

Starting or restarting agent...

>> Completing installation...

Running upgrade logic
Installation complete.

Please evaluate your hardware using Vertica's validation tools:

To create a database:
  1. Logout and login as dbadmin. (see note below)
  2. Run /opt/vertica/bin/adminTools as dbadmin
  3. Select Create Database from the Configuration Menu

  Note: Installation may have made configuration changes to dbadmin
  that do not take effect until the next session (logout and login).

To add or remove hosts, select Cluster Management from the Advanced Menu.